Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Meet-ups: April 5 & 6

Opportunity this weekend for two different meet-ups.

Saturday, 2pm:
Hike and/or Run to McHugh and back from Potter Creek Trailhead. 7 miles full round trip. Options to go as fast (or slow) and as far as you want before turning back. Should be mostly snow free, but muddy in places. Your feet will get wet. Rolling trail with short climbs and descents. Plan on 2+ hours for the whole enchilada. Recommended at least 1 mile (one way) to the first overlooks, or 2 miles (one way) to the high point overlook. This will be a great opportunity to get some early snow free trail miles in with good company.

We are rescheduling Saturday's meet-up to NEXT SATURDAY, APRIL 12th.

Sunday, after church: group meeting in the upper room to check in on training plans, answer questions, and a presentation for beginning runners. Afterwards we will head out for a walk/run on Beach Lake Rd. To the lake and back is 4.5 miles. I will be spending time coaching beginning runners on form, walk to run ratios, nutrition, stretching, and gear during this time, otherwise head out and walk/run at your own pace.

Should be a great time.

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